iOS Dev Directory

Adding a site to the iOS Dev Directory

Is there something missing from this directory? Here’s everything you need to know to get it added.

Guidelines for Inclusion

Ideally, only sites relevant to iOS development or design will be added to this directory. However, if your site is not purely about iOS Development or design and includes other topics please try and use categories (if your blog software supports them) to filter it down before submission.

For example if you post mainly about Swift development, occasionally about iOS design and sometimes about other topics, the best solution would be to do this:

If that is not possible because your blog software doesn’t support categories, that’s still OK! I’d like this site to err on the side of inclusion and so if your blog is partially about something related to iOS development and partially about something else, submit it anyway!

If you think there’s a category missing or want to suggest a bigger change to the site, open an issue.

Multiple Language Support

This site now supports multiple languages, and categories within those languages. If your blog or site is written in a language that has not yet been added, please feel free to add that language in the JSON and the site will automatically be expanded to include it.

How to Contribute

These simple instructions should be everything you need to get a new site included in the directory:

  1. Fork this repository on GitHub.
  2. Edit blogs.json and add your site. See below for the details of the JSON format.
  3. Submit a pull request.

Once the pull request is accepted and merged, this site will be re-generated and your link will magically appear! Thank you for wanting to contribute.

Adding your site

Your site should be added as a JSON hash in the correct category. The following keys are valid: